NFST Annual Conference

Adam Banks

Insects as Food: Opportunities and challenges to farming insects for human consumption in the UK.

Kindly Sponsored by the Food Chain Scholarship.

Mark Dewes

Can UK agronomy learn from best practice abroad to better serve arable farmers with advice and crop protection inputs?

Kindly Sponsored by the Richard Lawes Foundation.

Neil Eastham

How can UK dairy farmers use Genomics to breed a better herd?

Kindly Sponsored by the John Oldacre Foundation.

Charlotte Evans

Point of care diagnostics: What can we learn from the medical industry?

Kindly Sponsored by Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust - Clyde Higgs Scholarship.

Jonathan Gill

How do we embrace Automation in Agriculture?'

Kindly Sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Farmers & Savills with MacDonalds Restaurants.

Martin Gott

The prevalence and importance of indigenous bacterial cultures in raw milk cheese.

Kindly Sponsored by the Alan and Anne Beckett Award.

Richard Harrison

Where next for soft fruit in the UK? Addressing the yield gap and providing a path to 500 t/ha.

Kindly Sponsored by the Worshipful Companies of Gardeners and Fruiterers.

Caroline Kealey

Investigate developing and existing technologies for carcass grading and payment that can improve UK meat quality through producer/processor incentivisation.

Kindly Sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Butchers.

Angela Kirkwood

Growing the British Pig Industry.

Kindly Sponsored by AHDB Pork.

Kate Mayne

Agriculture & the natural environment - developing cross sector relationships to benefit future policy.

Kindly Sponsored by National Trust and Three Counties Agricultural Society.

Jamie McIntosh

Explore New Ways In Which Eggs Can Be Marketed To Maintain A Steady Increase In Egg Consumption.

Kindly Sponsored by the MacRobert Trust.

Emily Norton

Breaking the silos - best practice in global agricultural policy for farm business innovation.

Kindly Sponsored by the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association.

Barry O'Boyle

Can Farm subsidies be revolutionised after Brexit to drive Innovation?

Kindly Sponsored by the Thomas Henry Foundation.

Tom Ormesher

Water for Business Growth, Regulation, Markets and Stewardship.

Kindly Sponsored by the John Oldacre Foundation.

Alexandra Parker

Where Corporate meets Family in Business.

Kindly Sponsored by the Trehane Trust.

Chris Rose

On-farm anaerobic digestion: maximising use and enhancing the value of CO2, heat and nutrients.

Kindly Sponsored by the John Oldacre Foundation.

Jenna Ross

Riding the slime wave: Gathering global data to enhance slug control in the UK.

Kindly Sponsored by the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland with AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

Gus Selby

Can Institutional Investment Capital Provide Opportunities for Family Farmers and Young Farmers in the UK?

Kindly Sponsored by NFU Mutual Charitable Trust.

Joe Towers

Procurement of Asparagopsis taxiformis for trial in UK dairy system for methane reduced dairy products.

Kindly Sponsored by McDonald's Restaurants.


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